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WOD – Crossfit – Tuesday – 1/9/18

A. 3 sets for Quality
100m farmers carry; heavy
5 push press; heavy
Upper Pulling Movement of Choice
no kipping pullups; ring row @21×2 x12-14 reps
less than 3 strict pullup; banded pullup @21×2 x10-12 reps
no c2b; kipping pullup x10-18 unbroken
advanced; 16-226 unbroken C2B pullups
– rest 2 min bet rounds

B. 2 Sets For Total Time
Buy in, 400m row
3 rounds of..
8 HSPU (16 HR Pushups)
8 T2B
– rest 1 min bet sets

– This is last week of Part A, progress from last week’s
HSPU/T2B rounds to be done unbroken for as long as possible, row should be 80%

Alex RuggiereWOD – Crossfit – Tuesday – 1/9/18