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Testing / BSG Training What’s Next?

Hey everyone!

For those of you that are finishing up/have finished your testing.. great job. Remember that “testing phases” can be tricky sometimes. The “hype” around testing things and getting the best results possible does take its toll in recovery. There’s a strong possibility that you might feel like some of your lifts/tests might not be what you hoped… don’t worry about that!! We’re all pretty fatigued and it’s expected.

What’s next?
1) Class wods this week. No extra work. There will be no CF plus program posted (but we’ll still have a 7pm class) as we begin to make our transition into our new program/blog. Reload periods are important from time to time, and there’s no better time for that than the week after a testing phase.

2) those of you that are participating, were creating a FB group that you’ll be invited to join. We will post events/things that will effect the group into that page. It’s easy for these emails to get lost sometimes.

3) next Saturday @11am we’ll be meeting at the gym. You’ll be assigned levels for all things tested and well discuss exactly how the program works, and answer any questions. We’ll do a small training session afterwards then training will begin the following Monday.

If you can’t be there next Saturday, let us know so that we can get you all the information needed.


Alex RuggiereTesting / BSG Training What’s Next?

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New PM Class Schedule!

Effective Monday, 4/23/17

our evening schedule will be change to..


Monday – Thursday

3:30pm Crossfit

4:30pm Crossfit

5:30pm crossfit

5:30pm bootcamp

6:30pm Crossfit

6:30pm bootcamp

7:00pm Crossfit Plus (an hour and a half long class designed for those that want to get a little bit more training volume in.

7:30pm Crossfit


3:30pm Crossfit

4:30pm Crossfit

5:30pm Crossfit

5:30pm Bootcamp


See you at the gym!



Alex RuggiereNew PM Class Schedule!

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5am Crossfit Classes!

Beginning next Wednesday (April 11th), We will be offering 5am Crossfit Classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays!



Alex Ruggiere5am Crossfit Classes!

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Friday Night Lights 18.2 Heat Times

Heat #1; 6:35pm
Lane 1 Cathy Parker
Lane 2 Brandon Golan
Lane 3 Amanda
Lane 4 Regina
Lane 5 Elena
Lane 6 Sandra
Lane 7 Ashley B
Heat #2; 6:55pm
Lane 1 Sam Baca
Lane 2 Aron Parker
Lane 3 Jose
Lane 4 Coletone
Lane 5 Justin Gamelin
Lane 6 Jeff W
Lane 7 Sara Sullivan
Heat #3; 7:15pm
Lane 1 Paige Harvey
Lane 2 Luis
Lane 3 Rudy
Lane 4 Zach
Lane 5 John T
Lane 6 Sonia
Lane 7 Danny M
Heat #4; 7:35pm
Lane 1 Julissa
Lane 2 Jamie
Lane 3 Laila
Lane 4 Sally
Lane 5 Mango
Lane 6 Don
Lane 7
Heat #5; 7:55pm
Lane1 Jesus
Lane2 Molly


Alex RuggiereFriday Night Lights 18.2 Heat Times

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NO 6PM Bootcamp OR Crossfit Friday 2/23/18

There will be no 6pm Bootcamp or Crossfit classes tomorrow so we can get ready for our Friday Night Lights event.


Alex RuggiereNO 6PM Bootcamp OR Crossfit Friday 2/23/18

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Thank you and Farewell!

It is with a full spectrum of emotions that I officially announce that as of today, Aline and I have sold our remaining interest in CrossFit Boynton Beach to our already existing partner and head coach of the gym, Alex Ruggiere.

Aline and I (and our kids) will be moving on to a new chapter in our lives which will be taking us across the country at the end of the year. CrossFit Boynton Beach has been a huge part of both of our lives for the past 7 years. I am proud to be a part of what it has become today, from the pre-opening parking lot workouts back in 2010, to one of the most well known and respected gyms in South FL. I am blessed to be a part of such an awesome community, and for the opportunity to have met so many wonderful people along the way. For this, I say thank you.

Going forward, we both couldn’t be happier for Alex and the accomplishments that he has made over the past 6 years with the gym. Alex is a superior coach and athlete, and has a true passion for what he does. Please join us in congratulating him in his new role.

In the meantime, we will be around until the end of the year, and look forward to throwing down in class workouts until then.

Thank you again for a life changing experience over the past 7 years.

Rob & Aline LaBar


CarlosThank you and Farewell!

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Hurricane Irma Schedule

Due to the catastrophic nature of this storm, we will be closing at 1pm on Thursday to allow us and our staff time to prepare. Please be safe and take precaution as needed. We will re-open as soon as possible. Please keep checking the website or FB or call for updates.

Thursday is normal morning schedule until 1pm.


CarlosHurricane Irma Schedule

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Labor Day Hours

We will have a limited schedule for Labor day as follows:

8am: Bootcamp

9am: CrossFit

10am: CrossFit


CarlosLabor Day Hours

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Sunshine Showdown III

It’s time for an epic weekend at a super cool competition this Saturday August 27th, in Miami, at CrossFit Armed….The Sunshine Showdown III !

We will be representing hard with 3 coed teams:
Team 1: Alex, Tyler, Jaci & Sarah
Team 2: Mango, Aron, Jami & Lauren
Team 3: Justin, Kevin, Amanda & Sandra

We would love to see as many familiar faces to support our coaches and athletes. Lets rock the house CFBB style. The Competition will be a full day, so if you want to catch the events, plan to get down there early. It’s a huge gym so there should be plenty of room to hang out inside, but may not hurt to bring a pop up tent and a cooler if you have one.
See you there!


CarlosSunshine Showdown III

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The CrossFit Games are Over!

The stats are in! After 4 days, and 10 grueling events, our Masters athletes Sarah Franklin and Tom Hemenway took 4th place and 11th place (world wide) respectively, at The CrossFit Games in Madison, WI. Also, a shout out to our good friend Mayra Brandt who took 5th place in her 35-39 division. Awesome job to all. We are extremely proud of you guys.


CarlosThe CrossFit Games are Over!