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Jaci Cale is the 8th Fittest 45-49 Year Old on The Planet (a poorly written blog post from an airplane at midnight

As a preface..

I write how I think. I go over it 1x to check for errors or rambling non-coherent statements or thoughts. I don’t like having others correct my train of thought as it became my thought;. Because then they’re not my real thoughts. So, I know there will be stuff spelt wrong, I know there will be grammatical errors, you don’t have to tell me :).

It’s Thursday night and I’m headed home from my first experience coaching at the CrossFit Games. I’ve been telling myself for a while now that I’d start writing, personally, for myself, about thoughts and feelings that come into mind regarding leadership and character for those that I’m fortunate enough to lead in one capacity or another, and fitness/lifestyle bits for the gym and Black Sheep Training, Unfortunately, in the rat race that is life, I haven’t made it a priority to find time to write / reflect in an organized fashion about any of the aforementioned. I’m hoping that my current flight home’s lack of wifi, and my desire to document the experience that was witnessed at the 2023 Crossfit Games by a very good friend of mine will be what creates the habit that has yet to be created.

I won’t go into great detail about how we met or the specificities of our friendship here, we recently shot a podcast where we dove into those specifics, along with the details/statistics of her 12 year Crossfit career. You can find that video/podcast on youtube under the Crossfit Boynton Beach account. For today’s sake I’ll leave it at.. Jaci and I met in 2011, since then, she’s been to regionals as an individual, and on a team (multiple times). She’s been to the games 1x on a team, and she qualified 1x prior to this year, but declined her invitation because of school.

As the 2023 Crossfit season approached, Jaci was doing nothing more than class workouts. I’m sure she was ‘playing around’ and doing some extra stuff lifting/conditioning wise when it felt right, but she absolutley wasn’t ‘training’ in the sense that the sport suggests when the word is uttered. Jaci’s always been a freak athlete with strengths and weaknesses, but what she did in the 2023 season, in my opinion, is one of the more impressive feats one could have.

The 2023 season began, and progressed, and finished. And with it, Jaci Cale advanced, advanced and advanced.

If you ask anyone who’s known us for long enough, they’ll tell you I’m one of Jaci’s biggest fans, and have been since we both started CrossFit together 12 years ago. Even with that being said, I couldn’t believe Jaci’s finishing places in the 45-49 year old division in all 3 phases of the 2023 season leading up to the games. I consider myself to be somewhat of a rationalist, and I’d be lying if I told you she would have finished the way she did after each step.

My thought process was..

Jaci is fit as fuck. She’s been doing this for a long time and I do believe that fitness and even more specifically the skill related nuances of the sport do have some residual. She’s going to do great. But when we get to a certain stage, the test demand and frequencies at which they need to be performed (1 per week in the open VS 4-6 in a weekend in Quarters and Semis) are going to prove to be too much for this full-time job working, mother of two teenage boys. The residual fitness factor will become less and less apparent as we progress. I would bet my top dollar that there are PLENTY of masters women in the 45-49 year old division that 1) aren’t currently working like she is. 2) don’t have kids and a husband that they are incredibly involved with like Jaci is. Both of those factors + a passion for Crossfit would = a much much more rigorous training schedule, a shitload more volume tolerance, and a shitload less stress, be it good or bad stress. And that will play a huge factor in ending an upper hand to other women over her  And wow. I was wrong.

Jaci Cale fucked around and finished in 9th place world-wide in the masters 45-49 year old division working out just as much as any other passionate but busy member at a Crossfit.

Let that sink in..

Pick the 1 think you love doing, whether it be your career or a hobby. Now imagine the joy and accomplishment it would bring you to once day be the 9th best in the world at that thing. Jaci did it, without uprooting her personal, family and work life.

That is absolutely incredible.

Post-qualifiers we started training. Jaci was hitting double sessions 2-3 times per week and was spending her 2-3 hours a day in the gym in her ‘main session’ like it was 2016 again. She dialed in her nutrition and her recovery at the drop of a hat. She worked her fucking ass off to ensure she had a great Games experience.

Let me re-iterate one more time, because the more I think about it, the more impressive it is…

Jaci beat THOUSANDS of women who I guarantee were dedicating their entire life to this Crossfit season. Because she’s just a gansgter. And that’s what gangsters do.

Jaci had 3 top 4 finishes at the 2023 Crossfit Games in her rookie Games experience. Some workouts we knew would be good for her going into them. Some workouts we knew would be worse off for her. No matter what the vibe was going into the event, Jaci was Jaci. She was light hearted, good spirited, yet focused. You could tell that she was ecstatic to be there, but you could also tell that in her mind, she knew who she was, and she wouldn’t let one events success or lack there of change that.

I have a strict rule with athletes I coach, especially at live events. If a workout goes in a way we didn’t want, we’ll de-brief as coach/athlete about what went wrong, what we could have changed, what we’ll focus on moving forward etc.., then I start a 5 min timer and tell them ’You’ve got 5 minutes to vent/think about that event. Get it all out, then when this timer goes off, we’re done with it, we move on.” not to be discussed or worried about again during the week/weekend

This week after Jaci’s 5k, was the first time I’ve had an athlete tell me “I don’t need the 5 minutes, I’m good and done with it.”

Whatever the personality trait is that manifests that response to an outcome that was less desirable, we as a society need more of.

Jaci showed strength, resilience, maturity, composure, drive and a high high level of elite fitness (obviously) and I’m honored to have been there to witness it.

I’d regret if I didn’t mention in this  rant, the demand it takes on these athletes spouses to be able to train at, then compete at these high levels. Seeing Stan his emotional investment, dedication and passion for his wives success was telling to say the least and I hope that backing, support and love is something all of our wives, daughters and friends get to feel one day.


Alex RuggiereJaci Cale is the 8th Fittest 45-49 Year Old on The Planet (a poorly written blog post from an airplane at midnight

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Why Compete?

You need to do a Competition. Yes, you. Not so you can win but so you can learn.

So you can learn what it feels like to be uncomfortable but not shut down.

So you can learn how to perform under pressure.

So you can learn how to work towards a goal; how to let something on the horizon pull you through tough training sessions.


Do the above lessons sound like they could apply to life outside the gym? We think so too. Your coaches at CrossFit Boynton Beach don’t just push you to compete because it’s fun or cool or whatever you might think. It’s because the skills and habits we learn from the preparation and experience of competition can and will wake you up. That drive to succeed will translate to your relationships, your home life, and your work.


We all have a list of things we want to accomplish “one day”. What’s stopping you? Being uncomfortable? Not yet having the skill or resources? Stop making excuses. Stepping up to a local competition (or 5k, or mud run, or weightlifting meet…) could be the thing that sets in motion a chain of success radiating to all aspects of your life.

Take it to the next level.

Alex RuggiereWhy Compete?

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CrossFit Boynton Beach. Black Sheep Gang. What’s the Difference? Who Are We?

It’s fun to do some self-analyzing from time to time. We all have principles and standards we live by, and sometimes it can be valuable to sit down and actually define them.

Today, once and for all, we’re going to lay out and explain the difference between CrossFit Boynton Beach and Black Sheep Gang. And why we believe… it’s about more than fitness.

CrossFit Boynton Beach

This is our Home. There aren’t many like it. These are the doors we walk through day in and day out; to relieve stress, to improve our fitness, and to live not just longer, but better. This is where your friends are. CrossFit Boynton Beach has a physical address and stuff inside it that can be used to “get fit”.

The Black Sheep Gang

This is us. Black Sheep Gang is you, it’s me. This is how we compete. Why? Because this is the “vessel” that represents what we believe. Black Sheep Gang is a message, one too large and too valuable to be contained within four walls and a physical location. Our message speaks of hard work, dedication. effort, success, and family. Whether you want to compete at the highest level, love what you see in the mirror, or take control of your health, the principles stay the same. The Black Sheep Gang way of life can be learned and applied not just in the gym, but to your relationships and career as well.

We don’t just love CrossFit and competition. We love challenge. We love the process. We love not only the satisfaction of achieving our goals, but what we learned from the struggle along the way. This is how we succeed in all things.

If you’re reading this, you either are or might be interested in becoming a member of CrossFit Boynton Beach.

If you’re reading this… you’re on a mission to become to best f@$king thing that ever walked into someone’s life… or your office/jobsite… or the gym…  You’re dead set on becoming the greatest version of yourself. Every. Single. Day.

You’re a Member of the Black Sheep Gang.


Alex RuggiereCrossFit Boynton Beach. Black Sheep Gang. What’s the Difference? Who Are We?

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DBAB New Years Challenge

Choose Your Level:

BASIC – Daily, weekly, and special tasks for you to complete to elevate and optimize your physical and mental wellbeing. This is the basis for all levels of the challenge. $149

LIFESTYLE – All of the above, plus an additional focus on nutrition and supplementation. You’ll receive a general diet consultation and plan for daily intake. Comes with (2) 1st Phorm products to support your goals. $199

PERFORMANCE – All of the above, plus an intense focus on sport specific nutrition. Designed for the dedicated athlete. You’ll receive a specific macro balanced, training timed nutrition plan. Comes with (4) 1st Phorm products to support your goals. $249

Alex RuggiereDBAB New Years Challenge

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4th Annual Black Sheep Games

The 4th Annual Black Sheep Games is set to take place on Saturday, August 21st.

3 Workouts + 1 Floater (with a worm)
Scaled, Intermediate, and RX Teams
Co-Ed AND Same Sex Teams

Over $2,000 in cash prizes

RX Standards
Snatch; 135/95
Thruster; 135/95
Squat Clean; 185/125
shoulder 2 overhead 135/95
C2B Pullups
Ring Muscle Ups (only one partner needs them, but you’ll be more advantageous if both can)

Intermediate Standards
Snatch; 115/75
Thruster; 115/.75
Squat Clean; 135/95
shoulder 2 overhead 115/75
Burpee Box Jumps; 30/24

Scaled Standards
Snatch 95/65
thruster; 95/65
Squat Clean; 115/75
shoulder 2 overhead 95/65
Knee Raises
Box Jumps; 20/12″




Carlos4th Annual Black Sheep Games

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Memorial WOD for Joel

In memory of our friend Joel, who passed June 16th, we will be doing a memorial WOD tomorrow, Saturday July 10th for the 8, 9, and 10am classes.

The workout had some of Joel’s favorite movements:

In teams of 2
Run 800m (together)
30 power cleans 135/95
60 Deadlifts 225/155
90 burpees
60 Deadlifts 225/155
30 Power Cleans 135/95
Run 800m (together)

CarlosMemorial WOD for Joel

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Gymnastics and Strength!

Crossfit Boynton Beach’s newest training cycle starts on Monday, June 28th!

In our Latest 8-week training cycle, we’ll have 5 different ‘training paths’ for our athletes to follow

  • BSG Scaled – For the scaled athlete with limited to no gymnastics and limited strength.
  • BSG Intermediate – For the intermediate athlete that has SOME gymnastics but aren’t overly proficient. Might have some strength holes as well.
  • BSG RX – For the RX athlete that has everything, now needs to be BETTER at everything.
  • BSG Weightlifting
  • BSG Gas Tank

The first 3 programs are all based around the class WOD. Your ‘Main Training’ each day will be the class workout, with the group, then your extra work will be based on which division you’re following.

BSG Scaled will have a large emphasis on getting their first pullup, handstand hold, while still working on general strength

BSG Intermediate will be working towards PRing a 50 HSPU for time, a 50 T2B for time, along with getting your first, or getting consistent Muscle Ups

BSG RX will be focusing on Snatch work, squatting, and high volume gymnastics workouts.

BSG Weightlifting will be a full, 12-week weightlifting program for those that would rather work on strength with limited ‘CrossFit’, and BSG Gas Tank is a Cardio Only program, PERFECT if you wanted to do a double session!

You can find our WodUp, for access to all the programs listed above at and select ‘BSG Competitor’

Alex Ruggiere

CarlosGymnastics and Strength!

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The Open is over… Now what?!?

First of all, Congratulations!

We are officially the Fittest Affiliate in the United States. We couldn’t have done it without every single person. So THANK YOU for helping make our community as amazing as it is.

We’ve been getting a lot of people asking “how can I get better”. The Open definitely has a fun way of igniting a competitive fire in us… no matter what level you’re at.

Beginning Monday April 5th. BSG Training will be taking a new and improved approach to program design and helping our members get better.

Whether you’re a scaled, intermediate or an RX/Elite athlete, there’s going to be a program to follow.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Head over to

Sign up for ‘BSG Competitor’

From here, our coaches will be posting 3 different paths

BSG RX – For those that have all the skills, and were able to finish in the top 10-15% in the open

BSG Intermediate – For those that have SOME Gymnastics and decent strength, but still need some work in order to be considered an all-around RX athlete.

BSG Scaled – for those that don’t yet have the gymnastics, and might still need some strength work as well.

Each day, you will do the class workout as your ‘Main Workout’ then you’ll jump on the app, and follow your path’s programing as your ‘extra’ work that day.

Each day our coaches will be uploading videos describing workout goals along with interacting with results and times on the app.

The 2021 Open served its purpose for us. We were able to show the country who we are. Now, we get ready to not just defend our title in 2022… But go for a WORLD TITLE.

CarlosThe Open is over… Now what?!?

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Win 3 months FREE membership

Find out how you could win 3 months of your membership for FREE and we are also giving away $500 in Rogue Fitness gift cards!!!
All you have to do is complete The CrossFit Games OPEN with CFBB and submit all of your scores each week… That’s something you must do. Everyone who submits scores for the next 3 weeks will be entered to win!


CarlosWin 3 months FREE membership