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Are you registered for the open?

Natalie and Jamie say to register for the OPEN.

This is going to take place over three weeks in March and is open to all skill levels so everyone from Crossfit Boynton Beach should register and participate with us.
Did YOU register yet?

We have 48 members registered for the open so far! How many do you think we can have do open this year? 100?
Get registered and we will put your name on the board…


Everyone is starting to get ready for the open!


CarlosAre you registered for the open?

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CFBB Coaches talk about their first open experiences.

We all start somewhere.  CFBB Coaches talk about their first open experiences.

No matter your level of fitness, be sure to register for the OPEN this year! We want ALL CrossFit Boynton Beach members to participate.



CarlosCFBB Coaches talk about their first open experiences.

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Join the 2021 CrossFit Open: A Global Celebration of Fitness

No matter your level of fitness, be sure to register for the OPEN this year! We want ALL CrossFit Boynton Beach members to participate.




CarlosJoin the 2021 CrossFit Open: A Global Celebration of Fitness

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Use to help us track and monitor your progress.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with to help us track and monitor your progress.

WodUp is a data tracking and workout app very similar to Beyond The White Board. We will ALWAYS post our daily class workouts here, but we’ll also be posting our class workouts in WodUp so that you and your coaches can track your progress.

You can find our WodUp marketplace at

We’ll be posting daily wod tips along with feedback onto the group page


CarlosUse to help us track and monitor your progress.

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The 7 Unspoken Laws of CrossFit

These laws make life easier for everybody in the Box and create the right environment for progress and improvement.


This is one of the most impressive aspects of Crossfit. Of course, a WOD is competitive, but every single workout is also about helping EVERYONE involved to improve and work on their fitness together. You see this same mentality at every level of Crossfit, from events at The CrossFit Games right through to a first-time tryout class in a box.


This should go without saying. Sometimes it can be easy to lose count when fatigued and in pain, and it happens, but deliberately cutting reps to speed up a score and beat a rival is just sad, and I bet you’ve probably seen someone do it before.

The competitive element of Crossfit is a lot of fun, but the idea of any workout is primarily to make THE ATHLETE fitter, stronger, healthier and more mentally resilient. This changes in Crossfit competitions because the aim is to win, but at this level there are judges anyway to call out any cheaters.


Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, that’s part of being human. It’s a great feeling when you see a workout on the whiteboard that you know you can destroy because it involves everything that you’re good at. The opposite scenario is not so much fun, and it’s easy to avoid those kinds of workouts. If you make sure to tackle every WOD that comes your way, especially the ones you won’t be so good at, then you will be sure to improve your weaknesses.


Ego is important in Crossfit. It can be a powerful driving force to spur us on towards hitting new PRs. It can motivate us to compete and get better, or help with self-confidence and goal setting, but it can also be a hindrance and a thorn in the side of progress.

It can be a tricky balancing act to find this equilibrium. Crossfit workouts have a habit of exposing weaknesses in places that you didn’t even know existed. A well-rounded athlete that understands when to be humble and not let their ego get in the way can use these experiences to develop. An athlete that lets their ego dictate, ignoring weaknesses, repeating poor movement patterns and using bad form for the sake of speed and weight will eventually hit plateaus or injury.
It takes courage to accept that we may not be as good as we think at certain exercises sometimes. A great coach will help with this in a way that will inspire us to improve and progress in the correct way. To try and remove all ego from any athlete’s performance is too much of a psychological oversimplification. Ego has its time and place, but so does humility, the latter to a much greater degree (just look at 2015 CrossFit Games champion Ben Smith).


This one just comes down to simple courtesy. It isn’t difficult to put all the plates, bars and equipment back in the racks, and to treat them with respect. There is always a slight ritualistic element to training, and the respect that comes with that should never be underrated. Look at martial arts, or Olympic weightlifting for great examples of this.


Every single Crossfitter has been a newbie at some point. It doesn’t matter if you are Mat Fraser or one week into a new year’s resolution to start Crossfit, we all had to walk into a Box for the first time at some point.

train hard and help athletes around you

This first experience leaves an important lasting impression, what was yours like? Helping a first time Crossfitter can make a huge difference to their training, and be a powerful encouragement for them to continue.


There always seems to be at least one Crossfitter that loves chalking up a little too much and will use it for absolutely everything – even when it definitely isn’t needed.
Burpees? Check. Double unders? Check. Press ups? Check. Yes, I’ve even seen this happen!

This Crossfitter is normally enveloped by a huge cloud of white dust, which seems to follow them wherever they tread. Don’t be that guy!


Alex RuggiereThe 7 Unspoken Laws of CrossFit

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BSG representing at Wodapalooza!

We will be back in 2021!!! 🔥🔥🔥






Alex RuggiereBSG representing at Wodapalooza!

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Christmas Eve 5k run

Our first Christmas Eve 5k run… Success!

The 5k benefited The Kids Cancer Foundation. The Kids Cancer Foundation is a charity founded in 2001 who’s mission is to provide hope and support to local children and families battling childhood cancer.




Alex RuggiereChristmas Eve 5k run

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Testing / BSG Training What’s Next?

Hey everyone!

For those of you that are finishing up/have finished your testing.. great job. Remember that “testing phases” can be tricky sometimes. The “hype” around testing things and getting the best results possible does take its toll in recovery. There’s a strong possibility that you might feel like some of your lifts/tests might not be what you hoped… don’t worry about that!! We’re all pretty fatigued and it’s expected.

What’s next?
1) Class wods this week. No extra work. There will be no CF plus program posted (but we’ll still have a 7pm class) as we begin to make our transition into our new program/blog. Reload periods are important from time to time, and there’s no better time for that than the week after a testing phase.

2) those of you that are participating, were creating a FB group that you’ll be invited to join. We will post events/things that will effect the group into that page. It’s easy for these emails to get lost sometimes.

3) next Saturday @11am we’ll be meeting at the gym. You’ll be assigned levels for all things tested and well discuss exactly how the program works, and answer any questions. We’ll do a small training session afterwards then training will begin the following Monday.

If you can’t be there next Saturday, let us know so that we can get you all the information needed.


Alex RuggiereTesting / BSG Training What’s Next?

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New PM Class Schedule!

Effective Monday, 4/23/17

our evening schedule will be change to..


Monday – Thursday

3:30pm Crossfit

4:30pm Crossfit

5:30pm crossfit

5:30pm bootcamp

6:30pm Crossfit

6:30pm bootcamp

7:00pm Crossfit Plus (an hour and a half long class designed for those that want to get a little bit more training volume in.

7:30pm Crossfit


3:30pm Crossfit

4:30pm Crossfit

5:30pm Crossfit

5:30pm Bootcamp


See you at the gym!



Alex RuggiereNew PM Class Schedule!

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5am Crossfit Classes!

Beginning next Wednesday (April 11th), We will be offering 5am Crossfit Classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays!



Alex Ruggiere5am Crossfit Classes!