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WOD – Crossfit – Tuesday – 10/16/18

EMOM x15 min;
1st; 6 deadlifts + 4 hang power clean + 2 push jerk; heavier than last week’s, allowed to push jerk now
2nd; 3-5 ring muscle ups OR 6-12 kipping pullups
3rd; row 175/150m

For Time;
22 alt DB Snatch; 50/35
44 dubs
16 alt DB snatch
32 dubs
10 alt Db snatch
20 dubs
run 400m

– rest 5 min

22 Kb swing; 70/53
44 dubs
16 kb swing
32 dubs
10 kb swing
20 dubs
run 400m

Alex RuggiereWOD – Crossfit – Tuesday – 10/16/18

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New Bootcamp Class! 8am!


Bootcamp members, you’ve asked for it, and now you shall receive it. Starting on Saturday, June 24th we will add an 8am bootcamp class to the schedule. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Let your friends know that they can join you. Single classes are only $10.

CarlosNew Bootcamp Class! 8am!

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The 2017 CrossFit Open

The Open is upon us! Register now to join the world in the biggest online CrossFit competition. The 5 week competition starts on February 23rd. Each week, CFBB will be hosting Friday Night Lights. Each Friday night at 6pm, we will host the workout, in a competition style format, in heats. This will give each athlete a chance to perform the workout with a judge. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of an even larger community. Each workout will also have a ‘scaled’ option. Register here

CarlosThe 2017 CrossFit Open

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Copper Point Brewing Co., Friday 12/2 at 8pm!

Mark your calendars for our next Social Outing at Copper Point. It’s literally a warm-up run from the gym.

Last time was so much fun that we decided to make this a regular event. Come alone or bring a friend….either way, just come! If you have business cards that you’d like to give out to let your fellow CrossFit Family know what you do, please feel free. We like to keep it in the Family. Or just come to hang out and have fun.

Here is there link: COPPER POINT

CarlosCopper Point Brewing Co., Friday 12/2 at 8pm!

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BlackSheep Throwdown at CFBB

A reminder that the Blacksheep Throwdown will be taking place on Saturday, December 17th.

Because of this, the gym will NOT have classes that day. All are encouraged however, to come to the gym and support your fellow gym members that are competing. (some of which for the first time). If you’d like to help out, please let Alex know.

CarlosBlackSheep Throwdown at CFBB