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Gymnastics and Strength!

Crossfit Boynton Beach’s newest training cycle starts on Monday, June 28th!

In our Latest 8-week training cycle, we’ll have 5 different ‘training paths’ for our athletes to follow

  • BSG Scaled – For the scaled athlete with limited to no gymnastics and limited strength.
  • BSG Intermediate – For the intermediate athlete that has SOME gymnastics but aren’t overly proficient. Might have some strength holes as well.
  • BSG RX – For the RX athlete that has everything, now needs to be BETTER at everything.
  • BSG Weightlifting
  • BSG Gas Tank

The first 3 programs are all based around the class WOD. Your ‘Main Training’ each day will be the class workout, with the group, then your extra work will be based on which division you’re following.

BSG Scaled will have a large emphasis on getting their first pullup, handstand hold, while still working on general strength

BSG Intermediate will be working towards PRing a 50 HSPU for time, a 50 T2B for time, along with getting your first, or getting consistent Muscle Ups

BSG RX will be focusing on Snatch work, squatting, and high volume gymnastics workouts.

BSG Weightlifting will be a full, 12-week weightlifting program for those that would rather work on strength with limited ‘CrossFit’, and BSG Gas Tank is a Cardio Only program, PERFECT if you wanted to do a double session!

You can find our WodUp, for access to all the programs listed above at and select ‘BSG Competitor’

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