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Sunshine Showdown III

It’s time for an epic weekend at a super cool competition this Saturday August 27th, in Miami, at CrossFit Armed….The Sunshine Showdown III !

We will be representing hard with 3 coed teams:
Team 1: Alex, Tyler, Jaci & Sarah
Team 2: Mango, Aron, Jami & Lauren
Team 3: Justin, Kevin, Amanda & Sandra

We would love to see as many familiar faces to support our coaches and athletes. Lets rock the house CFBB style. The Competition will be a full day, so if you want to catch the events, plan to get down there early. It’s a huge gym so there should be plenty of room to hang out inside, but may not hurt to bring a pop up tent and a cooler if you have one.
See you there!


CarlosSunshine Showdown III