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Testing / BSG Training What’s Next?

Hey everyone!

For those of you that are finishing up/have finished your testing.. great job. Remember that “testing phases” can be tricky sometimes. The “hype” around testing things and getting the best results possible does take its toll in recovery. There’s a strong possibility that you might feel like some of your lifts/tests might not be what you hoped… don’t worry about that!! We’re all pretty fatigued and it’s expected.

What’s next?
1) Class wods this week. No extra work. There will be no CF plus program posted (but we’ll still have a 7pm class) as we begin to make our transition into our new program/blog. Reload periods are important from time to time, and there’s no better time for that than the week after a testing phase.

2) those of you that are participating, were creating a FB group that you’ll be invited to join. We will post events/things that will effect the group into that page. It’s easy for these emails to get lost sometimes.

3) next Saturday @11am we’ll be meeting at the gym. You’ll be assigned levels for all things tested and well discuss exactly how the program works, and answer any questions. We’ll do a small training session afterwards then training will begin the following Monday.

If you can’t be there next Saturday, let us know so that we can get you all the information needed.


Alex RuggiereTesting / BSG Training What’s Next?