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The Open is over… Now what?!?

First of all, Congratulations!

We are officially the Fittest Affiliate in the United States. We couldn’t have done it without every single person. So THANK YOU for helping make our community as amazing as it is.

We’ve been getting a lot of people asking “how can I get better”. The Open definitely has a fun way of igniting a competitive fire in us… no matter what level you’re at.

Beginning Monday April 5th. BSG Training will be taking a new and improved approach to program design and helping our members get better.

Whether you’re a scaled, intermediate or an RX/Elite athlete, there’s going to be a program to follow.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Head over to

Sign up for ‘BSG Competitor’

From here, our coaches will be posting 3 different paths

BSG RX – For those that have all the skills, and were able to finish in the top 10-15% in the open

BSG Intermediate – For those that have SOME Gymnastics and decent strength, but still need some work in order to be considered an all-around RX athlete.

BSG Scaled – for those that don’t yet have the gymnastics, and might still need some strength work as well.

Each day, you will do the class workout as your ‘Main Workout’ then you’ll jump on the app, and follow your path’s programing as your ‘extra’ work that day.

Each day our coaches will be uploading videos describing workout goals along with interacting with results and times on the app.

The 2021 Open served its purpose for us. We were able to show the country who we are. Now, we get ready to not just defend our title in 2022… But go for a WORLD TITLE.


CarlosThe Open is over… Now what?!?