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Why Compete?

You need to do a Competition. Yes, you. Not so you can win but so you can learn.

So you can learn what it feels like to be uncomfortable but not shut down.

So you can learn how to perform under pressure.

So you can learn how to work towards a goal; how to let something on the horizon pull you through tough training sessions.


Do the above lessons sound like they could apply to life outside the gym? We think so too. Your coaches at CrossFit Boynton Beach don’t just push you to compete because it’s fun or cool or whatever you might think. It’s because the skills and habits we learn from the preparation and experience of competition can and will wake you up. That drive to succeed will translate to your relationships, your home life, and your work.


We all have a list of things we want to accomplish “one day”. What’s stopping you? Being uncomfortable? Not yet having the skill or resources? Stop making excuses. Stepping up to a local competition (or 5k, or mud run, or weightlifting meet…) could be the thing that sets in motion a chain of success radiating to all aspects of your life.

Take it to the next level.

Alex RuggiereWhy Compete?