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For any members that feel it is best to stay at home during this time; we will be posting at ‘at home’ WOD each and every day for you to get done.

Back Squat; tough set of 10, then 2 sets of 10 @85% of today’s heavy 10

18 Thrusters; 95/65
18 Alternating DB snatches
400m run

At Home WOD:

A. Warmup; run 6 minutes easy

B. ” Death By Pushup”

do 1 Pushup at the top of every minute. Each minute, add one until you cannot perform the allotted work in that minute. (ie. minute 1 do 1, minute 2 do 2, minute 3 do 3 etc..)

C. Cooldown; run 4 minutes easy


Alex RuggiereWOD-CrossFit-Monday-03/16/2020