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A. Pause Front Squat; 5 reps, x3 sets

For Total Time

5 Rrounds

Run 200
20 T2B
Immediately into…
Snatch 135/95
Burpee + Pullup
(RX+ Squat Snatch & Ring Muscle Ups)
Coaches Notes;
Front Squats;
1 sec pause in bottom position each rep. should be tough, but no where near a rep max
High Volume T2B, if this amount is a concern for you, sub to ab-mat situps. Look for big sets on T2B and possibly dial back the run a bit for recovery. Those doing RX+, be careful biting off too big of T2B sets give the Squat Snatches and RMU


Alex RuggiereWod-CrossFit-Monday-10/04/2021