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WOD- CrossFit-Monday-10/28/19


Squat Clean & Jerk; 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1; one set every 2:00

Handstand Practice
LEVEL 1 (if you can’t do any type of HSPU today)
3 sets
three quarter wall climb x:10-20 seconds (maintain good hallow position, only go as high as you feel comfortable)
kick up to wall in handstand (scaled) x:10-20 seconds
3 sets; elevated knee HSPU x12-15 reps

LEVEL 2 (if you’re doing HSPU today)
3 sets;
Back to wall handstand Scap Pushups x8-10 reps
hollow body bounces x30 reps

run 200m
10 HSPU (15 Pushups)
12 T2B (24 Situps)
14 Alt DB Snatches


Alex RuggiereWOD- CrossFit-Monday-10/28/19