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WOD – Crossfit – Monday – 6/3/19

This week Kevin is leaving us! He’s headed to Ohio to pursue the family business. Kevin’s been a huge part of our gym family. We’ve seen him grow throughout the last few years, not just as an athlete, but as a man aswell. If you see Kevin around the gym this week make sure to wish him luck in his next venture. We’ll miss you, Kev.

Snatch; one set every 2:00
3 sets of 2. 3 sets of 1, building if possible

For Time;
20 T2B
10 Squat Clean; 185/125 (RX+205/145)
20 T2B
20 thrusters; 95/65

Dual DB Snatch x8-12 reps; one set every 2:00

For Time;
40 abmat situps
20 goblet squats with kettlebell
40 abmat situps
20 dual dumbell thrusters

twisted lizard x:1 min/side (or lizard)
seal x1min
twisted lizard x:30 sec/side (or lizard)
seal x:30 sec


Alex RuggiereWOD – Crossfit – Monday – 6/3/19