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WOD- CrossFit-Thursday-12/5/19

For Time
run 1 mile
50 box step-ups
bike 30/27 calories

4 sets
L-Sit Lifts on Box x10 reps
Straight Leg Bottom Balance x15 seconds

For 2 minutes
Tuck Rock x max reps
*If you find that you are starting to drop when your butt hits the floor, reach your hands closer to your ankles. This should help your lower back round more and hot feel like you have a flat spot on your back.

4 sets
L-Hang Flutter Kicks x 15 seconds
L-Sit Lifts on Box x 15 reps
Straight Body Ceiling Reaching Crunches x 15 reps


Alex RuggiereWOD- CrossFit-Thursday-12/5/19