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A. HSPU Practice
– don’t have any?
3 Sets; DB Z Press; 10-12 reps
:10-:30 second Handstand Hold; rest as needed
– got some, but not RX?
3 sets; Partial DB Press; 6-8 reps
Box HSPU; 8-10 reps
– got them
EMOM x12 Min;
4-6 HSPU, make it a challenging setting
For Time;
Run 1 MIle Buy In
10 Round of
3 Power Snatches; 135/95
6 Box Jumps
Choose a weight, and back squat it 20 times
– doesn’t need to be crazy heavy, but don’t make it super light either. it’s only one set of 20 reps


Alex RuggiereWOD-CROSSFIT-Tuesday-09/15/20