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WOD- CrossFit-Wednesday-10/30/19


For Time
30 Front Squat; 155/105

– rest 5 minutes

50/40 Calorie Row
50 Wall Ball Shots
100 Dubs 200 Singles
50 Walball Shots
50/40 Calorie Ski

3 sets
chest 2 bar diaganal hold x15 sec
chest 2 bar pullups scaled x6 reps

chest 2 bar PVC bender 30 reps, x3 sets *use standard pullup grip

5 sets;
Narrow Grip Chest-To-Bar Pull-Up x 1 rep
Wide Grip Chest-To-Bar Pull-Up x 1-2 reps
*If you do not yet have strict chest-to-bar pull-ups, pull the bar as close to your chest as possible.

10 sets;
Kipping Chest-To-Bar Pull-Up x 1 + Butterfly Chest-To-Bar Pull-Up x 1

Spend 2 minutes working on large sets of Butterfly Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups.
*The object of this exercise is to establish consistent rhythm starting from the jump to the bar and immediately into a set of butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups whereas all of the reps feel the same. Once you lose rhythm, drop immediately, rest and prepare for an additional set.


Alex RuggiereWOD- CrossFit-Wednesday-10/30/19